Strength in Numbers


LVHP is a collective of industry professionals consisting of some of the top hospitality service providers in Las Vegas and beyond. Each LVHSP member contributes their own unique perspectives and knowledge to the team creating a strong group dynamic that values collaboration and idea sharing. LVHSP covers all of your hospitality industry needs from PR,

to HR, to graphic design, to training, compliance, business services

and more! 



The hospitality industry is all about finding the best people to fill the right positions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. We have made it a point to select LVHSP members that are at the top of their game across as many disciplines as we can cover. LVHSP provides you access to everything you need to compete in today's hypercompetitive and ever-changing hospitality industry.

Industry Leaders


Like most major cities, the Las Vegas hospitality industry has it's own unique set of challenges when it comes to doing business; especially since it it one of the most competitive hospitality industries in the world. LVHSP strives to provide clients and members alike with dynamic

hospitality solutions and provide critical building blocks to create a competitive

advantage through knowledge and collaboration.